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10 Maternity and Newborn Shoot Ideas to Withstand the Test of Time

10 Maternity and Newborn Shoot Ideas to Withstand the Test of Time

Let’s face it: everyone has seen dozens of modern maternity and newborn photo shoots that look identical. Whether the same prop, backdrop or general pose, is used, these photo shoots lead to undeniably cute photographs. As is often the case with any popular notion, however, these styles are quickly abandoned for whichever trendsetting concept in photography comes next. In turn, this leads to maternity and newborn photographs that look as if they have been time-stamped by the latest trend. While we all want to up to the minute with our latest tech gadgets, maternity and newborn photographs are intended to be eternal sentiments that allow us to reflect on the most cherished moments of our lives. To ensure that your maternity and newborn photographs will withstand the test of time, explore these classic and treasured photo shoot ideas:


Certainly, humorous pregnancy photos have their place on social media; but for the family photo album stick to the tried and true:

The Silhouette

A tasteful photograph of mother-to-be from the side is a beautiful sentiment that can be cherished for generations to come. This style can be pulled off in many formats, but a black and white photograph that focuses on the baby bump never goes out of style.

Natural Beauty

One of the biggest crazes in the world of maternity photographs is the dolled up, glamorous look where the mom-to-be sports heels and a lavish gown. While we celebrate mom wanting to show off all those new curves, pregnancy is a time where women simply glow without trying. Pair a natural, glowing face with nature as the backdrop and you are left with a stunning keepsake.

Show the Love

The most revered maternity photo poses is one that includes both parents. While the mom-to-be takes the center stage during pregnancy, it’s hard to go wrong with a photograph of two parents eagerly anticipating the arrival of their bundle of joy.

The Sibling and The Belly

Not your first child? Whether your older child or children are thrilled with the idea of a new sibling or still a little hesitant, getting them involved in a wonderful way to preserve the memories of this special time in your family’s lives.

Be Yourself

Above all, let your personality shine through in your maternity photographs. If serious photos aren’t your thing, be silly and have fun.


While you will take a thousand pictures of your newborn on your own, a professional photographer has an immense knowledge of lighting, backdrops and poses to truly capture your new bundle of joy.

Go With the Flow

All too often new parents have a vision of the perfect newborn photograph. Sometimes these photos turn out exactly as expected, but other times, your little one may simply not cooperate. Be sure to go with the flow to capture your bundle of joy in their most natural state. If your little one is sleeping, let them sleep. Likewise, incorporate feedings and cuddles into the photoshoot for a truly realistic glimpse of life with a new baby.

Involve the Family

Is grandma simply beaming from ear to ear? Capture her joy, and the excitement of your family, as a whole, over your new baby’s birth. These pictures that involve extended family members will act as precious time capsules in the years to come.

The Swaddle

Newborn babies rejoice in the comfort of being swaddled. Choose a traditional and unadorned baby blanket to wrap your baby in for the photo shoot. This will ensure that your little one is comfortable, and it also allows the photographer to secure high-quality pictures of your newborn in a minute of utter contentment.

The Great Outdoors

If your baby is born in the spring or summer, take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take the photoshoot outdoors.

Mommy and Me

A classic combination; the mommy and me newborn photo shoot. A fancy backdrop is not needed, instead keep it organic and allow the world to see a glimpse of the organic bond between a mother and her newborn.

As always, the style and skillset of the photographer that you choose are crucial for developing timeless photographs. Be sure to explore their portfolio to ensure that their style is on par for the classic style you are seeking.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Newborn Photography

Photographing your new bundle of joy is an exciting occasion. But the photographer you choose to capture this momentous event can make all the difference. That's why it's important to be selective about the newborn photographer you choose. Here are a few effective tips for selecting the right one.

Get In-Home Sessions
Look for newborn photographers who provide in-home sessions. In-home sessions are important for mothers who are nursing and need time for feedings. It's also comfortable for mom to be at home. So, make sure you select a newborn photographer who can accommodate in-home photography sessions. Do some research by looking over testimonials and review sites, such as Yelp. Get recommendations from friends, families, co-workers or members of support groups who know newborn photographers who do in-home sessions.


Find a Patient Photographer
It's not uncommon for your photo session to take multiple hours due to feeding your baby. So, it's critical to find a newborn photographer who is patient. You don't want your photo session to feel rushed with an impatient photographer whose goal is to get you and your baby out in 30 minutes or less. Instead, opt for a newborn photographer who has empathy and understands the need for patience during the photo session. An ideal newborn photographer has experience with taking pictures of newborn babies during in-home sessions. He knows that timing is everything and factors in delays in the schedule due to feeding sessions as well as the best time of day for natural light.


Make Sure You're Comfortable
Whether you're doing an in-home photo shoot with your baby and her siblings or you're just capturing photos of your newborn, you and your child should feel comfortable with the photographer. Your photographer provides you with directions during the shoot to help you get the best images for your photo album. So, it's important to be comfortable with your photographer's creative style, expertise and mannerisms. Make sure you review the newborn photographer's portfolio and learn about his creative process, including the props he may use. Speak with him over the phone and schedule a consultation. By taking these steps, you can determine your comfort level and know if the newborn photographer is the right fit for you.


Final Thoughts
Finding the right newborn photographer to take pictures of your baby doesn't have to be complicated. It just takes a few steps to find the photographer who can meet your needs. By putting these tips into action, you can streamline the process and find a newborn photographer who's right for you and your family.

Lifestyle Newborn Session | Montgomery, TX | Studio154 Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting this precious family this past year, and capturing their - now - family of 4! Big brother enjoyed giving his new best friend hugs and kisses, but was still on the fence about sharing his beloved stuffed animals. Mom and dad were just beaming every time they looked their sweet boys. Enjoy their lifestyle session below.

Isn't she lovely... Newborn Session | Montgomery, TX | Studio154 Photography


Isn't she lovely... Newborn Session | Montgomery, TX | Studio154 Photography

Hello sweet friends! I've had the privilege of being invited into my amazing clients homes and capturing the fresh new moments of adding a baby to their lives. A baby changes everything, doesn't it? In the absolute best way possible. I just adore this sweet family I am going to share with you. Mom and Dad are one of the coolest fun couples I've met, and their son is ridiculously cute and charming all rolled into one. Meet their newest little love, Indy...


I loved the use of light and shadows in this newborn session. Silhouette shots have become one of my favorites. There's something so simple and calm about them. Till next time, friends....


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Golden Doodle Newborn Puppy | Tomball, TX | Studio154 Photography

I got to meet the sweetest, snuggliest, little fur ball of cuteness, ever this week!

My niece and nephew got a special surprise from Santa for Christmas.

Meet Sophie, the 6 week golden doodle puppy. 

She was so shy and timid at first, but once she felt comfortable around me, she snuggled right into my lap, and I wanted to cuddle her forever, and ever, and ever! 

I of course, had my camera with me, so once Sophie was sound asleep, my sister and I set up an impromptu newborn session. I mean, she was just too cute not too! We could help but laugh how newborn baby like Sophie was. We were able to move her and pose her as needed, as well has change out blankets and hats. We had so much fun gushing over Sophie. What is it about puppies that bring out the high pitch girly voice? You know what I'm saying? Take a look at Sophie Doodle's "Newborn puppy" photos, and I bet you'll be saying "AWWWWW!" too. 

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Newborn Lifestyle Family Session

Meet the Viengar family! I had the honor of photographing these images of their family, as this year they welcomed their lovely baby girl, Archer Brave. 

You know how you meet people and instantly you can tell they have joy in their hearts? That's this family. I was so blessed to spend a morning with them, and hear their story. In September of 2016 their newborn baby boy, Jude, left this earth and their world had changed. They told me their story of loss, hope and God's grace. A year later, precious Archer Brave was born. They are such an inspiring family, their smiles are warm and full of light and hope and they love deeply.

I loved that they wanted to incorporate ways to honor Baby Jude in their photography session. The beautiful knit golden blanket and the stuffed puppy dog are Jude's, we wrapped sisters and Archer in them and had cuddles with that darling puppy. 

Enjoy these special moments...