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One is so much fun... | Birthday Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

First birthday sessions are always so much fun and full of laughs. This bright-eyed sweetheart gave lots of hugs and high fives. He especially loved when Mama joined him to be in the photos. 

I know you probably hear it a lot lately.. I'm talking to you Moms. Don't forget or shy away from getting IN the photos with your kid(s), and even so, have individual photos taken of yourself. One day, (as much as I hate to think about it...) that's all your children and grandchildren will have. I think because we're in such an iPhone (camera ready) world, we forget to actually have real portraits taken of us. I know I am just as guilty. I'm the one behind the camera, not in front of it. Remember to make it happen, Mamas. Your children will treasure it forever. 

Home Run at Minute Maid Park - First Birthday Session | Houston, TX | Studio154 Photography

You may recall seeing this beautiful brown-eyed baby boy months ago on our facebook page...


Greyson is as precious as his sweet little smile. His happy personality warms everyone's heart who comes in contact with him. This is one special little boy.

When his Mama, LeighAnn told me what she envisioned for his first birthday photos, I loved the idea, especially the story behind it.

Being huge Astros fans, Greyson's parents (LeighAnn and Chris) rarely miss a game whether they're in the stands or watching at home. LeighAnn was pregnant with Greyson for his first baseball game. 

During the World Series, Greyson was 6 months old, and while those yummy round cheeks should have been in bed sleeping, he often would wake up - probably because he didn't want to miss a game, and so he watch it with his Mama, Dad, Mimi and Pawpaw. Turns out Greyson was a lucky charm for the Astros! They WON the World Series 3 days before Greyson turned 7 months old. 

They can already tell Greyson is one of the Astros biggest fans! His birthday is right around opening day this year for the Astros and his parents are going to throw him one Grand Slam of a party!

Enjoy his first birthday session...

Happy FIRST Birthday, Greyson! You're a much loved baby boy!

As we were leaving the ballpark, I saw section 154 and just had to take a picture. I have a fun little story behind that section...

Astros Minute Maid Park

When my boyfriend (now husband) and I were first dating, we went to the Astros game for a date night, sat in section 154 and that was the very first time he held my hand. He was smitten and so was I (still am)! True love and baseball, y'all. Now, who's ready for Opening Day!?

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Milestone Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

I could hardly believe it was already time to take sweet Everly's 6 month photos when her Mama contacted me. How on earth has time flown that fast? Remember Everly's Newborn Session? It was so lovely!

Once again her Mama brings such elegance and grace into their session. This little girl is loved beyond measure. 


First Birthday Boy | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

First birthday photography sessions are always a lot of fun. That precious curiosity as they eye their birthday cake. I love it! 

This sweet boy's smile could brighten up anyones day!