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Adventures in Pregnancy Cravings | The Woodlands TX Maternity Session | Studio154 Photography

This beautiful mama is expecting her third little love this coming February. Sarah (the mama), never did maternity photos with her first two pregnancies, but knowing this was her last baby, she wanted to get glammed up and capture this season of life. She told me she wanted a dreamy, angelic style to her images. We first started with some in studio back-lit shots, focusing on the art and beauty of pregnancy, its such a miracle in the making! 

Afterward, Sarah changed for the outdoor location look, and of course as anyone who’s been pregnant before knows that when hunger hits you’ve got to stop and eat RIGHT NOW or else somebody is gonna pass out. Sarah told me that her biggest craving this pregnancy has been Cinnamon Crunch cereal. We laughed as her eyes literally had hearts in them as she poured her bowl of cereal. “The crunch with the explosion of cinnamon is just so good!” Sarah said as cereal fell out of her mouth, we laughed and I suggested we had to document this. I mean for crying out loud she looked like a goddess all dressed up and was sitting on the kitchen floor eating cereal. So good!  She got comfy and enjoyed her bowl of cereal and I snapped away. We couldn’t help but crack up laughing, because the love between a pregnant lady and her favorite food is REAL. 

After the snack break we made our way to this peaceful field, between the cool breeze and golden sunset, Sarah said it was the session of her dreams! Mission accomplished. 

10 Maternity and Newborn Shoot Ideas to Withstand the Test of Time

10 Maternity and Newborn Shoot Ideas to Withstand the Test of Time

Let’s face it: everyone has seen dozens of modern maternity and newborn photo shoots that look identical. Whether the same prop, backdrop or general pose, is used, these photo shoots lead to undeniably cute photographs. As is often the case with any popular notion, however, these styles are quickly abandoned for whichever trendsetting concept in photography comes next. In turn, this leads to maternity and newborn photographs that look as if they have been time-stamped by the latest trend. While we all want to up to the minute with our latest tech gadgets, maternity and newborn photographs are intended to be eternal sentiments that allow us to reflect on the most cherished moments of our lives. To ensure that your maternity and newborn photographs will withstand the test of time, explore these classic and treasured photo shoot ideas:


Certainly, humorous pregnancy photos have their place on social media; but for the family photo album stick to the tried and true:

The Silhouette

A tasteful photograph of mother-to-be from the side is a beautiful sentiment that can be cherished for generations to come. This style can be pulled off in many formats, but a black and white photograph that focuses on the baby bump never goes out of style.

Natural Beauty

One of the biggest crazes in the world of maternity photographs is the dolled up, glamorous look where the mom-to-be sports heels and a lavish gown. While we celebrate mom wanting to show off all those new curves, pregnancy is a time where women simply glow without trying. Pair a natural, glowing face with nature as the backdrop and you are left with a stunning keepsake.

Show the Love

The most revered maternity photo poses is one that includes both parents. While the mom-to-be takes the center stage during pregnancy, it’s hard to go wrong with a photograph of two parents eagerly anticipating the arrival of their bundle of joy.

The Sibling and The Belly

Not your first child? Whether your older child or children are thrilled with the idea of a new sibling or still a little hesitant, getting them involved in a wonderful way to preserve the memories of this special time in your family’s lives.

Be Yourself

Above all, let your personality shine through in your maternity photographs. If serious photos aren’t your thing, be silly and have fun.


While you will take a thousand pictures of your newborn on your own, a professional photographer has an immense knowledge of lighting, backdrops and poses to truly capture your new bundle of joy.

Go With the Flow

All too often new parents have a vision of the perfect newborn photograph. Sometimes these photos turn out exactly as expected, but other times, your little one may simply not cooperate. Be sure to go with the flow to capture your bundle of joy in their most natural state. If your little one is sleeping, let them sleep. Likewise, incorporate feedings and cuddles into the photoshoot for a truly realistic glimpse of life with a new baby.

Involve the Family

Is grandma simply beaming from ear to ear? Capture her joy, and the excitement of your family, as a whole, over your new baby’s birth. These pictures that involve extended family members will act as precious time capsules in the years to come.

The Swaddle

Newborn babies rejoice in the comfort of being swaddled. Choose a traditional and unadorned baby blanket to wrap your baby in for the photo shoot. This will ensure that your little one is comfortable, and it also allows the photographer to secure high-quality pictures of your newborn in a minute of utter contentment.

The Great Outdoors

If your baby is born in the spring or summer, take advantage of the gorgeous weather and take the photoshoot outdoors.

Mommy and Me

A classic combination; the mommy and me newborn photo shoot. A fancy backdrop is not needed, instead keep it organic and allow the world to see a glimpse of the organic bond between a mother and her newborn.

As always, the style and skillset of the photographer that you choose are crucial for developing timeless photographs. Be sure to explore their portfolio to ensure that their style is on par for the classic style you are seeking.

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It is well... Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

Today, I was to introduce you to this beautiful lady, Jenny. Our paths crossed in what we believe was a God directed way. 

Jenny is pregnant with her second child, and while at an appointment at her doctors office they found out their baby girl, Sadie, had a form a Skeletal Dysplasia. You can read more about Jenny and Sadie's story on Jenny's blog. #PrayforSadie

We wanted to capture maternity photos for Jenny and her family as quickly as possible because with this diagnosis, Jenny explained, that baby could arrive earlier than 40 weeks. 

That afternoon of the photo session it started to pour down raining. Not just a little drizzle, it absolutely side-ways rain storm. I was so worried we'd have to reschedule and that probably was going to make this photo shoot not happen. I prayed the rain would stop! It did. Not only did it stop, the most glorious sun shine came out. You can see in the images below that the sun wrapped around Jenny, her husband, and son - like a warm blanket. Jenny and I both said that there had to be a sermon somewhere in that. After the storm, His sun shines brighter than before. 

Jenny brought some sweet sentimental things to include in the maternity shoot. A letter that she wrote to her daughter years and years ago. A blanket for Sadie, a bracelet, a bear and a book. Her precious son, loved showing these things off. He just recently celebrated his birthday and we discussed all the things 4 year olds do. 

Even with being faced with the unknown for their sweet Sadie, Jenny (and her families) faith is so strong and steadfast. I'm so encouraged by them, and truly honored to capture these photos for the Ladd family. 

I ask that you join with me in praying for them through this journey and season of life. I leave you with this beautiful hymn that Jenny has her on blog.

When peace like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say
It is well, it is well, with my soul
It is well
With my soul
It is well, it is well with my soul.

Pickles, Popcorn and Ice Cream, oh my! Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography


Pickles, Popcorn and Ice Cream, oh my! Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

Hello Friends! I have a super fun maternity session to share with you today. You might remember seeing this gorgeous boy Mom over on my facebook page recently...

That day we captured some super sweet moments with Mama and her two boys as they await the arrival of their newest team mate rounding out to a perfect trio. 

After all the precious-silly moments captured at home, Amy (mama) and I chatted and dreamed up a fun maternity shoot. Involving one of the stores that we spend probably most of our time at, the grocery store! After a few phone calls and emails later with management, I had the date set and made our way to H-E-B, (where "Here Everything's Better"). I don't know about you, but what pregnant lady doesn't love the grocery store!

When Amy arrived, I couldn't help but crack up laughing as she showed me her spoon she brought from home, "Ya know, just in case I need some ice cream." 

We ventured round the aisles to her favorite spots, Baby Harrison was craving kettle corn, and we made a stop to cool the heartburn - introduced Amy to TUMS Smoothies (these are LIFESAVERS) - and continued our way throughout the store. We laughed till we cried and had a blast capturing all those Preggo favs. 

Finished the trip with a bucket of Texas goodness, Blue Bell ice cream, and baby decided he needed a drumstick too. Whatever baby wants, baby gets, right!?

Enjoy our trip to H-E-B!

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Autumn Maternity Session

I met this precious Mama this fall for her maternity session. Her darling little girls were in tow and they were full of life and buckets of happiness. It was such a fun session! 

KateLin is grace and beauty all wrapped into one. She wanted to capture these photographs as they were going to be welcoming their rainbow baby soon. The baby's gender was going to be a surprise and the girls were excited to find out. 

Enjoy these autumn glorious jewel-toned photographs...

Captivating Maternity Photography Shoot | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

It's pretty special when your childhood friend and you get to grow up in life together. This gorgeous Mama has been my best friend since we were in grade school. To watch her become a wife and mother has truly been awesome. Since we have known each other for what seems like a life time, she trusts me. So when I said "lets go to the top of the roof!" She didn't hesitate one bit. Thats my ride or die BFF. 

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Rainbow Baby Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX Maternity Photographer | Studio154 Photography

I know the heart ache of infertility and pregnancy loss all too well, having been through a around of IVF and two miscarriages, I have a heart toward those who've had to journey through it. It's like a silent club we're in together, we mourn and comfort each other in the hard times, and we also celebrate and jump up and down in excitement during the good times! 

I've been fortunate to be able to celebrate having a rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.

I had this idea, this vision come to me for a photography shoot: Rainbow confetti falling from the sky on an expecting Mama! What better way to celebrate something amazing happening like throwing confetti all around? Who doesn't love confetti!? 

My sweet friend, Brittany  (who also participated in my beauty for ashes photography project last year), is currently pregnant with her precious rainbow baby, jumped on board to help make this idea a reality. With the help of some amazing creatives this vision came to life. 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17

Hair & Makeup: Tease HTX | Model: Brittany Ashmore | Floral Necklace: Bramble & Bee | Maternity Gown: Sew Trendy | Photographer: Lauren Giles of Studio154 Photography