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Golden Doodle Newborn Puppy | Tomball, TX | Studio154 Photography

I got to meet the sweetest, snuggliest, little fur ball of cuteness, ever this week!

My niece and nephew got a special surprise from Santa for Christmas.

Meet Sophie, the 6 week golden doodle puppy. 

She was so shy and timid at first, but once she felt comfortable around me, she snuggled right into my lap, and I wanted to cuddle her forever, and ever, and ever! 

I of course, had my camera with me, so once Sophie was sound asleep, my sister and I set up an impromptu newborn session. I mean, she was just too cute not too! We could help but laugh how newborn baby like Sophie was. We were able to move her and pose her as needed, as well has change out blankets and hats. We had so much fun gushing over Sophie. What is it about puppies that bring out the high pitch girly voice? You know what I'm saying? Take a look at Sophie Doodle's "Newborn puppy" photos, and I bet you'll be saying "AWWWWW!" too. 

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Little Baby Charlie | Newborn Session The Woodlands, TX

I'm not sure what I love more, this little precious baby boys button nose, or his darling name - Charlie. I just LOVE that name! Remember his Mama's artsy maternity session in the Spring? Well here is her sweet little masterpiece!


Newborn Lifestyle Family Session

Meet the Viengar family! I had the honor of photographing these images of their family, as this year they welcomed their lovely baby girl, Archer Brave. 

You know how you meet people and instantly you can tell they have joy in their hearts? That's this family. I was so blessed to spend a morning with them, and hear their story. In September of 2016 their newborn baby boy, Jude, left this earth and their world had changed. They told me their story of loss, hope and God's grace. A year later, precious Archer Brave was born. They are such an inspiring family, their smiles are warm and full of light and hope and they love deeply.

I loved that they wanted to incorporate ways to honor Baby Jude in their photography session. The beautiful knit golden blanket and the stuffed puppy dog are Jude's, we wrapped sisters and Archer in them and had cuddles with that darling puppy. 

Enjoy these special moments...

Autumn Maternity Session

I met this precious Mama this fall for her maternity session. Her darling little girls were in tow and they were full of life and buckets of happiness. It was such a fun session! 

KateLin is grace and beauty all wrapped into one. She wanted to capture these photographs as they were going to be welcoming their rainbow baby soon. The baby's gender was going to be a surprise and the girls were excited to find out. 

Enjoy these autumn glorious jewel-toned photographs...

What to Wear Family Photography Session

'Tis the season for Family Photography Sessions! One of the most asked questions I receive is "What should we wear?" 

Here are a few pieces of advice I offer my clients...

1. Pick a Color Inspiration.

Where do you envision displaying your images? Will you use them for your Christmas cards? Take a moment to think that through, and that will help you pick your color scheme.

2. Coordinate, Don't MATCH.

Matchy-Matchy doesn't always work. If you're planning a Mom+Me or Dad+Me session, then by all means match away! But when you have a few more people to dress, matching doesn't always vibe right. Think of combinations that compliment each other. 

3. Be Comfortable in that you wear.

Choose an outfit that flatters your figure and is comfortable for you to wear, whether you sit or stand. When you wear something that you're confident in and feel amazing in, it shows all over your face and body language. That's what you want to see in your photographs. You feeling your best!

4. Details! Details! Details!

Don't forget the details, jewelry, bows, socks, scarf, hats, nail polish etc. All those details matter, because they will show up in your photographs. Have a favorite necklace thats sentimental to you, WEAR IT! Nail polish chipping? Add a fresh coat. Want to add some layers and textures to your wardrobe? Add a scarf. And don't forget to shine your shoes! 

Go into your closet, pick out two of your favorite pieces. Let those be the anchor pieces to build your family's wardrobe upon. 

Think of a theme! Soft tones, bold fall colors, glam it up, or Christmas pajamas for all! Get creative and have fun with it! Make memories out of the process. Picking your family's wardrobe shouldn't be stressful. If you need help, always ask! I love helping my clients with making decisions for their wardrobe selections. I'm always an email or text away! 

Hope you find these tips helpful for your next photography session!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”
— Rachel Zoe

Where the heart is... Family Session | The Woodlands, TX Studio154 Photography

Sometimes people live in a place for most of their lives and then sometimes they move away to a whole other state, or country.  This precious family was moving away out of the country and wanted to capture their home and favorite park that their children would play at. It was such a lovely idea and as you will see the kids do love it. Wishing them all the best on their new adventure!



Mommy & Me Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

This humid hot Houston weather has me longing for fall weather. Anyone else with me? Bring on the cool temps and fall fanatics! Today I'm sharing this precious Mommy and Me Session from last September, when there was a cool breeze and less humidity. Soon, friends! Fall is on its way.


Rainbow Baby Boy | Spring, TX | Studio154 Photography

Remember this beautiful expectant Mama? 

Isn't she stunning? I realized I'm way behind on blogging sessions, and have yet to post this lovely Maternity/Family session. So I'll give you a little snippet into this session. I have known Randi and Zach for many years, our busy lives prevent us from seeing each other that often... sometimes a year (or two) will go by before we see each other in person. I guess that's what adulating does to you at times. I was so honored when Randi booked her maternity session with our Studio, this pregnancy was extra special after the devastating loss that they had experienced prior.

Y'all know my heart is so tender towards miscarriage, loss, infertility and everything wrapped up in-between.  It was such a joy to celebrate this precious life with them and capture these images.

The butterfly Mama is holding below with big sister is a keepsake they have of their little one in heaven. 

This past week the family welcomed their precious baby boy, Isaac into the world. The sweet 8lbs 2oz bundle of joy sure brought happy tears to all who met him. Oh how loved he is!!

"God knew my heart needed you."

The necklace below that Baby Isaac is holding, has his great-grandmother's finger print on it. She passed away this July. I was so glad that his Grandma walked into the room as we were taking the shots and asked to have his picture taken with that very special necklace. 

For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him. 1 Samuel 1:27

For this child I prayed, and the Lord has granted me my petition that I made to him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Congratulations, Morrow Family! So happy you have your rainbow baby!

Milestone Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

I could hardly believe it was already time to take sweet Everly's 6 month photos when her Mama contacted me. How on earth has time flown that fast? Remember Everly's Newborn Session? It was so lovely!

Once again her Mama brings such elegance and grace into their session. This little girl is loved beyond measure. 


Captivating Maternity Photography Shoot | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

It's pretty special when your childhood friend and you get to grow up in life together. This gorgeous Mama has been my best friend since we were in grade school. To watch her become a wife and mother has truly been awesome. Since we have known each other for what seems like a life time, she trusts me. So when I said "lets go to the top of the roof!" She didn't hesitate one bit. Thats my ride or die BFF. 

Hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

First Birthday Boy | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

First birthday photography sessions are always a lot of fun. That precious curiosity as they eye their birthday cake. I love it! 

This sweet boy's smile could brighten up anyones day! 

First Birthday Girl | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

I love what I do, but I especially love what I do when I get to meet the sweetest little buttercups around!

Check out this little girls smile!! Mercy, she's precious, y'all. I've known her Mama for a long time, way before we were Moms. They made a trip to Houston from Dallas, and it was such a pleasure to meet the birthday girl and capture her sweetness. Hope her sunny personality brightens your day like it did mine! 

An Artists Maternity Shoot | The Woodlands, TX

Have you ever met someone that oozes creativity?

 You watch as they take something out of nothing and create a masterpiece! I had the privilege of photographing this incredible woman's maternity shoot. She is a local artist, who creates the most fascinating paintings. She is expecting her second baby boy. Being a boy mom (and artist) she isn't afraid to let things get messy! 

To see Chelsea's work visit The Proper Topper

Rainbow Baby Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX Maternity Photographer | Studio154 Photography

I know the heart ache of infertility and pregnancy loss all too well, having been through a around of IVF and two miscarriages, I have a heart toward those who've had to journey through it. It's like a silent club we're in together, we mourn and comfort each other in the hard times, and we also celebrate and jump up and down in excitement during the good times! 

I've been fortunate to be able to celebrate having a rainbow baby. A rainbow baby is a child born after a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death or infant loss.

I had this idea, this vision come to me for a photography shoot: Rainbow confetti falling from the sky on an expecting Mama! What better way to celebrate something amazing happening like throwing confetti all around? Who doesn't love confetti!? 

My sweet friend, Brittany  (who also participated in my beauty for ashes photography project last year), is currently pregnant with her precious rainbow baby, jumped on board to help make this idea a reality. With the help of some amazing creatives this vision came to life. 

"Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17

Hair & Makeup: Tease HTX | Model: Brittany Ashmore | Floral Necklace: Bramble & Bee | Maternity Gown: Sew Trendy | Photographer: Lauren Giles of Studio154 Photography