I first met the Bixby family in 2016, I shot their spring family photos, then again later when their precious second child was born.

Later I heard from Heather again a few months ago regarding scheduling a family session again to capture her almost 4 year old and 1 year old girls. She said, " I have a bit of a unique request though..." as I read the email I discovered that Heather had been diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of November. She wanted to capture family photos during this season of their lives. She said, "I'd like to figure out a way to show this part of our lives in a positive way so my girls have something to look back at and see that it wasn't all a bad journey and we still saw the beauty in things." We discussed ideas, and one thing she does often with her girls is read and sing to them. The songs she mentioned all had a common theme: sunshine and light. The book they're currently reading is called "Cancer Hates Kisses" - One of the lines from the book is: “So we blast music and we dance the tears away. Cancer hates dance parties!" During the session through tears, dancing, giggles and hugs, I could see the courage and love this Mama and wife had for her family. It was evident that her girls tender kisses and her husbands embrace, along with a joke to make her laugh empowers her as she fights this cruel cancer. I'm truly humbled to share this amazing woman with you.

Heather recently finished her final round of chemo and now takes the next steps in fighting this cancer out!

It’s truly been an honor to know this beautiful soul and capture these images (as well as the years prior) and video for her.

Heather & Fam, we’re cheering for you every step of the way!!