This beautiful mama is expecting her third little love this coming February. Sarah (the mama), never did maternity photos with her first two pregnancies, but knowing this was her last baby, she wanted to get glammed up and capture this season of life. She told me she wanted a dreamy, angelic style to her images. We first started with some in studio back-lit shots, focusing on the art and beauty of pregnancy, its such a miracle in the making! 

Afterward, Sarah changed for the outdoor location look, and of course as anyone who’s been pregnant before knows that when hunger hits you’ve got to stop and eat RIGHT NOW or else somebody is gonna pass out. Sarah told me that her biggest craving this pregnancy has been Cinnamon Crunch cereal. We laughed as her eyes literally had hearts in them as she poured her bowl of cereal. “The crunch with the explosion of cinnamon is just so good!” Sarah said as cereal fell out of her mouth, we laughed and I suggested we had to document this. I mean for crying out loud she looked like a goddess all dressed up and was sitting on the kitchen floor eating cereal. So good!  She got comfy and enjoyed her bowl of cereal and I snapped away. We couldn’t help but crack up laughing, because the love between a pregnant lady and her favorite food is REAL. 

After the snack break we made our way to this peaceful field, between the cool breeze and golden sunset, Sarah said it was the session of her dreams! Mission accomplished.