Hello friends! I'm so excited to share this session with you. My friend, Lauren contacted me to take photos of her daughter. She had been frustrated in the past with images of her daughter that didn't capture who her little one really is. Blank stares and shy faces just wasn't good enough for Mama. New chatted through ideas, stories and favorites of her little 3 year old. We planned out the session and we loved the concept that we collaborated on. Who knows your child the best? Mama does!

So today I want to introduce you to a new series, called the "My Little One Sessions". Where your "baby" isn't a baby anymore, and really blossoming into their personality, and you want to capture that, in this moment in time forever! For me, the ages between new baby and Kindergarten have flown by as a mother, I've blinked and my oldest will be starting Kindergarten soon! How did that happen? So I GET IT. I know how important and special, and QUICK this season of life is, and the is should be documented, and documented well. Enjoy little dancing Kirby's session (and video) below.

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