Remember back in May when I posted about this mama's maternity shoot at H-E-B?

Well, in case you're not on any social media channels or read anything on the internet but this actual blog, that maternity shoot went viral. Not just locally here in Texas, not just in America, but internationally! Say what?! This story made it all the way from Houston, TX to countries like Russia, Australia, Japan. ALL. OVER. Major news stations, huge news outlets asked to feature the story. It was amazing to watch! Amy (mama) and I loved reading comments from other moms and moms-to-be and really anyone talk about how they loved H-E-B, loved the photos, how it made them smile and brightened their day! Sometimes you just need to see something on the internet that warms your heart, brings joy and happiness. Who else is sick of seeing so much negativity online? This maternity shoot was quite the opposite! Thank you to everyone who liked, loved, and shared the photos! Amy & Travis (her husband) can't wait to tell Harrison one day how the cravings he gave his mama while she was pregnant with him resulted in her story making international news! 

Well on June 4th, 2018, Amy and her family welcomed sweet Harrison August. (Don't you just love his name? Wait till you see his precious face!)

Click the video below to see more from Harrison's newborn session.