'Tis the season for Family Photography Sessions! One of the most asked questions I receive is "What should we wear?" 

Here are a few pieces of advice I offer my clients...

1. Pick a Color Inspiration.

Where do you envision displaying your images? Will you use them for your Christmas cards? Take a moment to think that through, and that will help you pick your color scheme.

2. Coordinate, Don't MATCH.

Matchy-Matchy doesn't always work. If you're planning a Mom+Me or Dad+Me session, then by all means match away! But when you have a few more people to dress, matching doesn't always vibe right. Think of combinations that compliment each other. 

3. Be Comfortable in that you wear.

Choose an outfit that flatters your figure and is comfortable for you to wear, whether you sit or stand. When you wear something that you're confident in and feel amazing in, it shows all over your face and body language. That's what you want to see in your photographs. You feeling your best!

4. Details! Details! Details!

Don't forget the details, jewelry, bows, socks, scarf, hats, nail polish etc. All those details matter, because they will show up in your photographs. Have a favorite necklace thats sentimental to you, WEAR IT! Nail polish chipping? Add a fresh coat. Want to add some layers and textures to your wardrobe? Add a scarf. And don't forget to shine your shoes! 

Go into your closet, pick out two of your favorite pieces. Let those be the anchor pieces to build your family's wardrobe upon. 

Think of a theme! Soft tones, bold fall colors, glam it up, or Christmas pajamas for all! Get creative and have fun with it! Make memories out of the process. Picking your family's wardrobe shouldn't be stressful. If you need help, always ask! I love helping my clients with making decisions for their wardrobe selections. I'm always an email or text away! 

Hope you find these tips helpful for your next photography session!

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”
— Rachel Zoe