Tips for Choosing the Right Newborn Photography

Photographing your new bundle of joy is an exciting occasion. But the photographer you choose to capture this momentous event can make all the difference. That's why it's important to be selective about the newborn photographer you choose. Here are a few effective tips for selecting the right one.

Get In-Home Sessions
Look for newborn photographers who provide in-home sessions. In-home sessions are important for mothers who are nursing and need time for feedings. It's also comfortable for mom to be at home. So, make sure you select a newborn photographer who can accommodate in-home photography sessions. Do some research by looking over testimonials and review sites, such as Yelp. Get recommendations from friends, families, co-workers or members of support groups who know newborn photographers who do in-home sessions.


Find a Patient Photographer
It's not uncommon for your photo session to take multiple hours due to feeding your baby. So, it's critical to find a newborn photographer who is patient. You don't want your photo session to feel rushed with an impatient photographer whose goal is to get you and your baby out in 30 minutes or less. Instead, opt for a newborn photographer who has empathy and understands the need for patience during the photo session. An ideal newborn photographer has experience with taking pictures of newborn babies during in-home sessions. He knows that timing is everything and factors in delays in the schedule due to feeding sessions as well as the best time of day for natural light.


Make Sure You're Comfortable
Whether you're doing an in-home photo shoot with your baby and her siblings or you're just capturing photos of your newborn, you and your child should feel comfortable with the photographer. Your photographer provides you with directions during the shoot to help you get the best images for your photo album. So, it's important to be comfortable with your photographer's creative style, expertise and mannerisms. Make sure you review the newborn photographer's portfolio and learn about his creative process, including the props he may use. Speak with him over the phone and schedule a consultation. By taking these steps, you can determine your comfort level and know if the newborn photographer is the right fit for you.


Final Thoughts
Finding the right newborn photographer to take pictures of your baby doesn't have to be complicated. It just takes a few steps to find the photographer who can meet your needs. By putting these tips into action, you can streamline the process and find a newborn photographer who's right for you and your family.

My Little One Session: Dancing Kirby | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

Hello friends! I'm so excited to share this session with you. My friend, Lauren contacted me to take photos of her daughter. She had been frustrated in the past with images of her daughter that didn't capture who her little one really is. Blank stares and shy faces just wasn't good enough for Mama. New chatted through ideas, stories and favorites of her little 3 year old. We planned out the session and we loved the concept that we collaborated on. Who knows your child the best? Mama does!

So today I want to introduce you to a new series, called the "My Little One Sessions". Where your "baby" isn't a baby anymore, and really blossoming into their personality, and you want to capture that, in this moment in time forever! For me, the ages between new baby and Kindergarten have flown by as a mother, I've blinked and my oldest will be starting Kindergarten soon! How did that happen? So I GET IT. I know how important and special, and QUICK this season of life is, and the is should be documented, and documented well. Enjoy little dancing Kirby's session (and video) below.

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Lifestyle Newborn Session | Montgomery, TX | Studio154 Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting this precious family this past year, and capturing their - now - family of 4! Big brother enjoyed giving his new best friend hugs and kisses, but was still on the fence about sharing his beloved stuffed animals. Mom and dad were just beaming every time they looked their sweet boys. Enjoy their lifestyle session below.

It is well... Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

Today, I was to introduce you to this beautiful lady, Jenny. Our paths crossed in what we believe was a God directed way. 

Jenny is pregnant with her second child, and while at an appointment at her doctors office they found out their baby girl, Sadie, had a form a Skeletal Dysplasia. You can read more about Jenny and Sadie's story on Jenny's blog. #PrayforSadie

We wanted to capture maternity photos for Jenny and her family as quickly as possible because with this diagnosis, Jenny explained, that baby could arrive earlier than 40 weeks. 

That afternoon of the photo session it started to pour down raining. Not just a little drizzle, it absolutely side-ways rain storm. I was so worried we'd have to reschedule and that probably was going to make this photo shoot not happen. I prayed the rain would stop! It did. Not only did it stop, the most glorious sun shine came out. You can see in the images below that the sun wrapped around Jenny, her husband, and son - like a warm blanket. Jenny and I both said that there had to be a sermon somewhere in that. After the storm, His sun shines brighter than before. 

Jenny brought some sweet sentimental things to include in the maternity shoot. A letter that she wrote to her daughter years and years ago. A blanket for Sadie, a bracelet, a bear and a book. Her precious son, loved showing these things off. He just recently celebrated his birthday and we discussed all the things 4 year olds do. 

Even with being faced with the unknown for their sweet Sadie, Jenny (and her families) faith is so strong and steadfast. I'm so encouraged by them, and truly honored to capture these photos for the Ladd family. 

I ask that you join with me in praying for them through this journey and season of life. I leave you with this beautiful hymn that Jenny has her on blog.

When peace like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrows like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot, thou hast taught me to say
It is well, it is well, with my soul
It is well
With my soul
It is well, it is well with my soul.

Senior in the City | Houston, TX | Studio154 Photography

Y'all. This girl right here is something special to me. She was a wee little kiddo when my husband and I got married, and then many years later was the first babysitter for our baby boy. How is she all grown up and graduated from high school? Time really does fly. We had the absolute best time taking her senior photos downtown in Houston. We laughed will we cried. And also frozen our fingers off. It was during that crazy cold snap we had in the spring. Don't you wish it was THAT cold right now. Dang Houston weather sitting in the 100's. Who else is ready for a heat break??

Enjoy Sophie's fun senior session!

Botanical Garden Maternity Session | Spring, TX | Studio154 Photography

Some of the most lovely people I've met through photography have been because of someone referring Studio154 Photography. (THANK YOU!)

I met this lovely lady months ago for their maternity session, and we just hit it off immediately. We joked that we must've been friends forever and not known it. The gardens were gorgeous and the sun was stunning, we had the best time capturing this special season in their lives. 

Couples Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

I absolutely loved taking these images for my baby brother and his bride! They were expecting their first baby (Surprise she's here! I'm just *as always* behind on blogging) girl. 

We did a city style chic session for the soon to be parents and then planned for a session with the mama-to-be in a stunning blush pink gown. So much fun!


Welcome to the world, baby boy! | Studio154 Photography | The Woodlands, TX

Remember back in May when I posted about this mama's maternity shoot at H-E-B?

Well, in case you're not on any social media channels or read anything on the internet but this actual blog, that maternity shoot went viral. Not just locally here in Texas, not just in America, but internationally! Say what?! This story made it all the way from Houston, TX to countries like Russia, Australia, Japan. ALL. OVER. Major news stations, huge news outlets asked to feature the story. It was amazing to watch! Amy (mama) and I loved reading comments from other moms and moms-to-be and really anyone talk about how they loved H-E-B, loved the photos, how it made them smile and brightened their day! Sometimes you just need to see something on the internet that warms your heart, brings joy and happiness. Who else is sick of seeing so much negativity online? This maternity shoot was quite the opposite! Thank you to everyone who liked, loved, and shared the photos! Amy & Travis (her husband) can't wait to tell Harrison one day how the cravings he gave his mama while she was pregnant with him resulted in her story making international news! 

Well on June 4th, 2018, Amy and her family welcomed sweet Harrison August. (Don't you just love his name? Wait till you see his precious face!)

Click the video below to see more from Harrison's newborn session.


Brother + Sister Session | Spring, TX | Studio154 Photography

I always, always, always love all the session that I do, but theres just something about taking sibling pictures that just MELT MY HEART. This bro & sis team are so special. Mom told me she wanted to surprise Dad with photos of the kids for Father's Day, and what a special keepsake it is. I loved the constant giggles and hand holding. Mom picked the most darling outfits, all the down to the precious charm bracelet that sister is wearing. If you're having a bad day and need a good smile, just scroll through this sugary sweet sibling session!

Family Session in The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

Hello Friends! Today I'm sharing this lovely family session with you. This sweet family was going to be moving away and wanted to capture photos together at one of their favorite spots to visit. I loved how silly Dad and the girls were together and how caring Mom was for everyone. You could see the love between them all. Such a special family! Enjoy their session...

An afternoon with the Gonzales Family | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

Today I wanted to share with you the Gonzales family's photography session. They are full of life, laughter, inquisitive little ones, and two madly in love parents. You'd never guess from these sweet happy faces that before the session we were wildly attacked by mosquitoes. That didn't stop us from moving spots and enjoying the afternoon together. 


Click over to our facebook page to see our video of An afternoon with the Gonzales Family 

Pickles, Popcorn and Ice Cream, oh my! Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography


Pickles, Popcorn and Ice Cream, oh my! Maternity Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

Hello Friends! I have a super fun maternity session to share with you today. You might remember seeing this gorgeous boy Mom over on my facebook page recently...

That day we captured some super sweet moments with Mama and her two boys as they await the arrival of their newest team mate rounding out to a perfect trio. 

After all the precious-silly moments captured at home, Amy (mama) and I chatted and dreamed up a fun maternity shoot. Involving one of the stores that we spend probably most of our time at, the grocery store! After a few phone calls and emails later with management, I had the date set and made our way to H-E-B, (where "Here Everything's Better"). I don't know about you, but what pregnant lady doesn't love the grocery store!

When Amy arrived, I couldn't help but crack up laughing as she showed me her spoon she brought from home, "Ya know, just in case I need some ice cream." 

We ventured round the aisles to her favorite spots, Baby Harrison was craving kettle corn, and we made a stop to cool the heartburn - introduced Amy to TUMS Smoothies (these are LIFESAVERS) - and continued our way throughout the store. We laughed till we cried and had a blast capturing all those Preggo favs. 

Finished the trip with a bucket of Texas goodness, Blue Bell ice cream, and baby decided he needed a drumstick too. Whatever baby wants, baby gets, right!?

Enjoy our trip to H-E-B!

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One is so much fun... | Birthday Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

First birthday sessions are always so much fun and full of laughs. This bright-eyed sweetheart gave lots of hugs and high fives. He especially loved when Mama joined him to be in the photos. 

I know you probably hear it a lot lately.. I'm talking to you Moms. Don't forget or shy away from getting IN the photos with your kid(s), and even so, have individual photos taken of yourself. One day, (as much as I hate to think about it...) that's all your children and grandchildren will have. I think because we're in such an iPhone (camera ready) world, we forget to actually have real portraits taken of us. I know I am just as guilty. I'm the one behind the camera, not in front of it. Remember to make it happen, Mamas. Your children will treasure it forever. 

Isn't she lovely... Newborn Session | Montgomery, TX | Studio154 Photography


Isn't she lovely... Newborn Session | Montgomery, TX | Studio154 Photography

Hello sweet friends! I've had the privilege of being invited into my amazing clients homes and capturing the fresh new moments of adding a baby to their lives. A baby changes everything, doesn't it? In the absolute best way possible. I just adore this sweet family I am going to share with you. Mom and Dad are one of the coolest fun couples I've met, and their son is ridiculously cute and charming all rolled into one. Meet their newest little love, Indy...


I loved the use of light and shadows in this newborn session. Silhouette shots have become one of my favorites. There's something so simple and calm about them. Till next time, friends....


Home Run at Minute Maid Park - First Birthday Session | Houston, TX | Studio154 Photography

You may recall seeing this beautiful brown-eyed baby boy months ago on our facebook page...


Greyson is as precious as his sweet little smile. His happy personality warms everyone's heart who comes in contact with him. This is one special little boy.

When his Mama, LeighAnn told me what she envisioned for his first birthday photos, I loved the idea, especially the story behind it.

Being huge Astros fans, Greyson's parents (LeighAnn and Chris) rarely miss a game whether they're in the stands or watching at home. LeighAnn was pregnant with Greyson for his first baseball game. 

During the World Series, Greyson was 6 months old, and while those yummy round cheeks should have been in bed sleeping, he often would wake up - probably because he didn't want to miss a game, and so he watch it with his Mama, Dad, Mimi and Pawpaw. Turns out Greyson was a lucky charm for the Astros! They WON the World Series 3 days before Greyson turned 7 months old. 

They can already tell Greyson is one of the Astros biggest fans! His birthday is right around opening day this year for the Astros and his parents are going to throw him one Grand Slam of a party!

Enjoy his first birthday session...

Happy FIRST Birthday, Greyson! You're a much loved baby boy!

As we were leaving the ballpark, I saw section 154 and just had to take a picture. I have a fun little story behind that section...

Astros Minute Maid Park

When my boyfriend (now husband) and I were first dating, we went to the Astros game for a date night, sat in section 154 and that was the very first time he held my hand. He was smitten and so was I (still am)! True love and baseball, y'all. Now, who's ready for Opening Day!?

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Little Prince - Newborn Photography Session | Houston, TX

If you follow me on social media, you've seen me post about this super fun pregnancy announcement...

Pregnancy Announcement

And then of course the Mama-to-be's enchanted maternity session...

Houston Maternity Photography

Their sweet little prince was born this past January, and is handsome as can be! I arrived at their home and could instantly feel the joy a new baby brought into their lives. I loved all the sentimental touches mom added to the session, with the handmade blankets from a family member to Dad's hospital shirt with LJ's foot prints added when he was born. It was such a pleasure capturing this beautiful time in their lives.

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Joyful Family Photography Session | The Woodlands, TX | Studio154 Photography

This family instantly makes me happy just being around them. 3 kids under the age of 3 (Can you even imagine?!) and I swear their parents are straight up Parent Goals!

They do this Mom and Dad gig with such grace, kindness and laughter mixed into one. The kiddos know they're loved big time by them, and it shows so well how they interact with each other. It's always such a joy for me to hang out with them for an afternoon. That golden hour sunshine was extra bright that afternoon, and I'm sure it was because this family brings a little extra sunshine with them where ever they go. Enjoy the radiant Marble Family Session...

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Golden Doodle Newborn Puppy | Tomball, TX | Studio154 Photography

I got to meet the sweetest, snuggliest, little fur ball of cuteness, ever this week!

My niece and nephew got a special surprise from Santa for Christmas.

Meet Sophie, the 6 week golden doodle puppy. 

She was so shy and timid at first, but once she felt comfortable around me, she snuggled right into my lap, and I wanted to cuddle her forever, and ever, and ever! 

I of course, had my camera with me, so once Sophie was sound asleep, my sister and I set up an impromptu newborn session. I mean, she was just too cute not too! We could help but laugh how newborn baby like Sophie was. We were able to move her and pose her as needed, as well has change out blankets and hats. We had so much fun gushing over Sophie. What is it about puppies that bring out the high pitch girly voice? You know what I'm saying? Take a look at Sophie Doodle's "Newborn puppy" photos, and I bet you'll be saying "AWWWWW!" too. 

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